Avoid a Cosmetic Disaster before Your Wedding

Our wedding is definitely not the day for us to be dealing with a cosmetic disaster. We spend so many months planning every detail only to have it ruined by a face full of pimples or a botched procedure? Absolutely not, we can’t allow that. Ladies, we deserve that perfect day that we’ve been dreaming about, so it’s time to have a serious talk. If you want to avoid any cosmetic mishaps and enjoy your wedding day the way you should, here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Careful with body sculpting

Body sculpting procedures can be wonderful if you long to have a shapely body that makes you feel fully confident, but bear in mind that it’s a treatment that has a few days of downtime, and that it works best when combined with exercise and a good diet. You’ll also want to keep your wedding dress in mind—even though that mermaid dress might have been a perfect fit before, it’s possible it will need some adjustments after body sculpting. Source

Don’t do any facial procedures to close to the wedding

If you were planning to get Botox or maybe a chemical peel, make sure you don’t schedule it too close to the wedding. These kinds of procedures can sometimes leave your skin irritated for a few days, so give it time to fully recover. It’s a good idea to schedule anything at least a month in advance, especially if you’re getting any sort of fillers.

Eat your way to healthy skin

If you don’t want to deal with a breakout or dull complexion for your wedding day, you have to eat the right food. Sugar can be the biggest problem because it raises inflammation levels in our body wreaks havoc on our complexion, so it’s important to cut down on candy and sweets. However, this doesn’t mean you need to forget about dessert completely. Things like chia puddings, dark chocolate, and avocado lime mousse are great ideas for healthy treats because all of these are full of vitamins and antioxidants that will make you look radiant. You should also eat more veggies, fish, and whole grains. Source

Don’t introduce new beauty products

A day before your wedding is not the time to be introducing that new serum. Our skin can sometimes react badly to new products, so it’s a much better idea to establish a good skincare routine way before the big day. Stick to it religiously and choose natural skincare products and that way you’ll minimize the chance of having any negative reactions.

Try out your makeup look several times

If you’re hiring a makeup artist, have them paint your face several times before the wedding. This will not only ensure you really love the makeup look, but can also give you an idea of how long you can wear it before the foundation starts looking cakey, or before your lipstick fades away. That way you can make small adjustments and prepare for touch-ups accordingly.

Invest in waterproof mascara

In fact, invest in waterproof everything. It’s not even about getting emotional and crying at your own wedding, it’s about sweat—if you plan to dance and spend the whole day wearing the same makeup, there’s a big chance sweat might smudge it around.

Spray tan properly

If you haven’t spray tanned before, don’t do it now. Simply skip it because accidentally looking orange in photos is far worse than simply enjoying your pale complexion. If you do have some experience with spray tanning and want to achieve that bronzed look, make sure to do it at least a week before the wedding. That way your skin will have the chance to even out a bit, and there won’t be any weird streaks or patchiness.

Don’t wash your hair on the wedding day

Of course, this depends on the exact style you’re going for, but if you want a tight, complex bun, it’s generally a good idea to wash the night before but not on the actual wedding day. That way your strands will have some grip to them, so your beautiful bun can stay in place the entire time.

In general, don’t do things too close to the wedding day. That way, if something goes wrong, you can easily fix it.

UC Davis Arboretum Engagement Photos

Kylie + Matt met in Davis while they were both attending college at UC Davis. They would run into each other off an on whether it was out at the bars or at house parties. Once they “officially” met at a mutual friends house, they hit it off, exchanged numbers and later went on a first date. That first date turned into many more dates until Matt officially popped the question to which Kylie happily replied, “Yes!!”

It only made sense to go back to their relationship roots for their engagement photo session. The arboretum makes for a beautiful backdrop for photos and we had a fun time reliving their time in Davis. Check out a few highlights from their UC Davis Arboretum engagement!


UC Davis Arboretum Engagement Photos